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How you get results?

You work with us so you don’t make mistakes. That’s why after working with several B2B companies we have developed a proven systematic structure to plan and execute marketing strategy that don’t waste time & get you results faster.
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Market Audit

Why auditing is needed & how it is done?
- What’s currently work & what has worked in past?
- Is your product PMF ready?
- Set where to lead & how?
- Lead with marketing audit system.

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System & Strategy

Some example on how strategy is developed?
- Confirm product marketing
- Develop inbound and outbound strategy
- Who it’s for & what’s it for?
- Confirm OKRs, growth matrix

dashboard of mql clients
Execute & Result

What can you except here at the end:
- Funnels Lead -> MQL -> SQL -> Customers
- Execute marketing campaigns
- Track & measure performance
- Consistency leading to 2-3x revenue.

Begin with Marketing Audit Yourself

Leverage the experience of Top B2B companies, industries & size.

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What companies have to say


Our YoY revenue increased by 3x.

Yepto has grown rapidly through multiple segments and distribution channels that we needed to transform our platform. Working with Ritika helped us build a strong framework to present our customers to get speed up quickly.
client image 1
Paul B.
Yepto, CEO & Founder
Excellent growth & support
I like how Ritika just takes initiative, and do things to support the growth of the company - we worked through product positioning, overall marketing strategy and enabling marketing materials required to speed up the process.
dahlia vegpal
Dahlia E.
Vegpal, CEO & Founder

Get the Marketing Support you need

You are looking for long-term engagement, typically that looks like 10-20 hrs a week and involves strategical role, aligning teams and delivering results.

Light Engagement
Heavy Engagement
Need help with full-engagement
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Product Marketing
product marketing service by default cmo
Bring clarity on what you offer - What it’s for?
Segment ICP, persona - Who it’s for?
Effective communication of product to customers
Go beyond product-market fit.
Start here
Fractional CMO
fractional cmo service
A fCMO will help lead your entire marketing team.
Develop structured foundation for complex products
Align customer segments & goals.
Build & manage marketing strategy
Let's talk
go-to-market funnel
Develop exponential growth with inbound strategy
Branding identity development & exercise
Create & execute marketing campaigns
Strategize go-to-market strategy
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How we collaborate and work together?

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A give/take Referral Program 💸

Know someone who is looking for a Fractional Marketing Leader or product marketer or consultant?

Make a referral & earn ->
Who can sign up for this referral program?

Our clients, partnerships, newsletter readers, people we've interviewed and anyone from the internet.

If you want to sign up to this program you can just email me at ritika@bydefaultcmo.com and then you'll receive further instructions. If you have any questions, you can reach out to me via email.

How to refer someone?

You can submit a refer through the email on left side. Or you can tell the potential client to email us by mentioning your name under refers.

Then we'll reach out to you and checkout with you about the client.

Once the conversation is set and we end up signing the contract together, you'll get a template of contract and setup the payment system for you.

Is this a one-time or recurring?

If you refer a client and they sign a contract between 2 months to 12 months (1 year) period, you'll get 10% of each month's invoice send to that client. You'll get paid for up to a year.

There is no limit on how many clients you refer.

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